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    No. 330-6, Kenting Road, Kenting, Hengchun Town, Pingtung County

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    Welcome home!

    Delicate and elegant

    Getting an accommodation,you can stay at high place, empty yourself leaning on fence. Itis suitable for small families traveling with friends. In Kenting, you can also feel the atmosphere and equipment of the top motel.

    Tropical style

    Located at the southernmost tip of Taiwan, the whole year weather is the same as the residents here: enthusiasm, until the winter wind blow. Even so, this area full of tropical style always has a fascinating charm!

    Broad grassland

    Located next to the Dajianshan Farm, you can face the slowly south winds of, look at the vast grasslands, and enjoy the quiet and leisurely of Kenting.

  • Maya double room

    Fixed price3800
    Summer holiday 3500
    Summer weekday 2800
    Weekday 2200

  • Maya quadruple room

    Fixed price 5000
    Summer holiday 4800
    Summer weekday 4000
    Weekday 3000

  • Maisonette six-person room

    Fixed price 9200
    Summer holiday 7400
    Summer weekday 6400
    Weekday 5400

  • New maisonette six-person room

    Fixed price 9000
    Summer holiday 7200
    Summer weekday 6200
    Weekday 5200

  • Honeymoon double room

    Fixed price 5000
    Summer holiday 4200
    Summer weekday 3800
    Weekday 3000

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